Google Ads Audit

We are here to help you reduce wasted ad spend and maximize your return on investment, ensuring that your Google Ads campaigns are running efficiently and effectively. Our high-value Google Ads audit will review your current campaigns and provide you with insights into areas that need improvement.

Backed up by 16 years of high-value experience. No automization tools, no robots, no software involved. 

With a personalized audit for Google Ads, you´ll:

We´ll show you the latest strategies and necessary techniques to optimize your ad spend in Google Ads. By reducing wasted ad spend, you ensure getting the most out of your advertising budget while reaching the right customers.

If you´re able to generate more revenue while optimizing costs, you´ll become more competitive in your market. Increasing ROI can be achieved through various strategies, such as optimizing your bids and campaign structure for higher-margin products.

Do you have the skills to analyze and evaluate data sets correctly? We´ll introduce you to various data analysis techniques so you can draw meaningful conclusions from data. 

Gain a better understanding of the different reporting options available in Google Ads. With this information, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to your reporting needs.

We´ll show you where you and your competitors stand . This information can be used to identify areas of opportunity.

We´ll show you techniques to stand out from the competition and achieve success in your field. You´ll learn various optimization strategies to build a competitive advantage. 

Targeting audience is an important concept in marketing and advertising. Learn how to create campaigns that are tailored to their specific needs and interests, resulting in a higher rate of success.

We´ll show you how to focus on quality, rather than quantity. Quality campaigns are more likely to generate a positive response from customers, as they are tailored to their needs and are more likely to produce the desired results.

Our customized Google Ads audit will identify and prioritize areas for improvement and growth, as well as strategies to help achieve your desired outcomes.

Let your marketing team gain a deep understanding of Google Ads latest strategies and best-practices. With our training service, your inhouse marketing team will be prepared to drive results and take your business to the next level.



Global analysis of your account structure for efficiency and scalability.


Check for campaign budgets, settings and global performance review.


Review your keyword strategy, match types, search terms and quality score.


Tips on how to provide additional visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

Ad Copies

Analyze your ad copies to ensure its relevance to the target audience.


Learn how to target the right audience in order to achieve your marketing goals.


Understand the competitive landscape and develop successful campaigns.


Examine the quality and relevance of your landing pages for your keywords.


Analysis of your shopping feed quality and campaign set-up.


Analysis of the set-up and relevance of your PMax campaigns.


Check your tracking set-up for conversion or lead optimization.


Understand different report types and interpret data correctly.

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Client Testimonials


Regan was an amazing team member at RECHANEL and a great collaborator. She was quick to clarify anything that was unclear to her and delivered a strong analysis. She was very accessible, open to feedback and very engaged.
M. Maionchi
PDC Insights Analyst - Global F&R, Foods

Leica biosystems

Regan has been working for 3 years on the Spanish, English, German, French and Italian accounts. It´s very difficult to find a SEA consultant who speaks all these languages and she masters them all.
Leica Biosystems | RECHANEL Marketing
B. Helary
Global Digital Marketing Manager


We started working with RECHANEL in 2017 and are very happy since day one. Regan always gives her best to support us reaching our targets and she never misses deadlines. Further we can always relay on her regarding communication and honesty. One more plus are her huge language skills – Ideal for our international operating company.
C. Seifert
Online Marketing Manager

Essentra Components

I´ve worked with Regan at RECHANEL on some huge projects and she has been great to work with. Focused, hard working and knowledgeable.
Essentra Components | RECHANEL Marketing
G. Barry
Account Manager

Regan Chanel

Managing Director

Javi Ramudo

Creative Director

Amanda Lee

PPC Specialist

Our Team

Our native team of digital marketing experts provides excellent multilingual consulting services, meaning that we take into account cultural and linguistic trends to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Book your PPC Audit now!

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